Henri Giraud

Directeur de Hemadesiclan-conseil, Paris, France

How to negotiate

Les objectifs du cours

Langue du cours : anglais

The objective of the course is to provide students with theoretical foundations under spinning the optimal course of action when seeking an agreement or resolving problems with interlocutors representing different interests and cultures negotiation; the aim is to know how to behave in order to maximize the chances of success in a negotiation.

Plan du cours

  • Part 1 - Content of the negotiation

- Definition, origin, main features
- Variety of situations and corresponding consequences

  • Part 2 - Preparing a negotiation

- Clear understanding of the situation
- Defining objectives and expectations of the participants
- Identifying networks and connections
- Clarifying the options in case of a set back
- + test of negotiator’s profile

  • Part 3 - The process of negotiation

- Preparing the strategy to address the situation
- Obtaining and exchanging information
- Foreseeing opportunities for an opening
- Mastering the timetable and execution
- Analysing the scenarios
- + launch of the simulation

  • Part 4 - Classic strategies and new methods

- Negotiation by confrontation
- Negotiation by consensus Risks of classic strategies
- Negotiation by debate and dispute
- New method: by persuasion
- The four main principles of behavior: depersonalize, focus on interests, seek mutual benefits, insist on objective criteria
- + continuation of the simulation

  • Part 5 - Conclusion

Evaluation of the negotiation, key success factors, sources of failure
Appraisal of the simulation 


Sun Tzu, the art of war, 600 BC, english version by Hubert Kratiroff.
Machiavelli, Il Principe, 1513, chapters 8,10,15,21 easy to read and memorize.
Richard Shell, Bargaining for advantage, Penguin books 2006.
Roger Fisher & Shapiro, Building Agreement, Random House 2007.
Roger Fisher & Ury , Getting to yes, Random house 2007.
Getting past No , Random house 2007.
Harvard Business Essentials: Negotiation.
Wharton Executive Negotiation Workshop.


Participation and attendance: 50%
Exercise of simulation: 50%